Custom T-shirt

Design your custom t-shirt, we can create your logo design. Give someone you love a custom t-shirt with a special picture for Birthdays , Mother's or Father's day, Valentine's, Halloween, Christmas or any special occasion.

  • Design your custom t-shirt
  • Give someone you love a custom t-shirt
  • Mother's or Father's
  • Valentine's, Halloween
  • Christmas, Special Occasion
  • Funeral


  • Heat transfer graphic with heat press on to garment using firm pressure at 302° to 320° Fahrenheit for 15 to 20 seconds. Peel Warm
  • Will not adhere to nylon, dazzle cloth, shiny polyester or moisture-wicking materials
  • It is recommended to reheat prints 10 seconds for greater durability.
  • To ensure greatest durability, garments should be turned inside out and washed in gentle cycle, cold water and tumble dry. Avoid bleach or detergents containing bleach.